C3S Data Rescue Service - Collection and Processing of In Situ Observations

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C3S Data Rescue Service Begins - April 2017

Posted Fri, 03/04/2017

The Copernicus Climate Change Service Data Rescue Service has now begun.

This is an ambitious four year project aiming to provide an ongoing service to facilitate meteorological data rescue world wide. It will provide a portal for discovery and registry of both data rescue projects and individual datasets that links with the existing WMO I-DARE portal. It will provide tools for scanning, digitising and quality checking data and an upload facility to ensure all newly digitised data are made available to all through the C3S Climate Data Store. These data will also be shared with international archives to improve the spatio-temporal coverage of key global climate monitoring datasets. This project also oversees three sets of seed money to support regional data rescue projects in the Southern Hemisphere: ACRE Antarctica, ACRE South Africa and ACRE Argentina. The Southern Hemisphere is very poorly observed compared to the Northern Hemisphere and as such has a high potential to improve our climate monitoring capability. Two of these will be supported through Capacity Building workshops providing regional network building, sharing of expertise and experience and training in C3S Data Rescue Service tools.

This project is led by the Met Office. It includes fourteen partners from across the globe.