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C3S Data Rescue Service Tools

Here we provide the support services needed to facilitate all steps of the data rescue procedure, from imaging data sheets to data formatting and quality control (QC). This is achieved through tool boxes (software), reports (best practice guidelines), communication (blog), outreach material (for volunteer engagement), and community building. Furthermore, we directly support priority data rescue projects by means of seed money, while piloting their use of new techniques and approaches to data digitisation.

We will deliver annual "State of Data Rescue Assessments". These efforts will build strongly on the ACRE activities. These reports are based on (a) systematic queries and (b) workshop reports and publication summaries for monitoring the activities of the scientific community.

We will develop and promote community tools for imaging, digitizing and quality control. This also includes the development of "best practice" documents, data standards and metadata requirements. The tools can be clustered into five thematic groups:

  1. Tools for better organising data rescue work
  2. Tools for organising/managing rescued data
  3. Tools for testing rescued data/metadata
  4. Formatting tools
  5. Quality control tools
with five different categories of dissemination:
  1. Tools offered as exe-files and/or source code via C3S
  2. On-line tools offered on existing websites of Partner members or their projects
  3. Links to and monitoring of free tools hosted and provided by others
  4. R-packages offered via CRAN mirror sites or Python scripts
  5. Templates

In addition to specific support for the tools, users of the data rescue process can strongly benefit from best practice guidelines. This is an excellent way to share expert experience in a targeted but accessible way. Best practice guidelines will be developed for all steps of the data rescue process, including minimum standards for metadata and images to be stored in national archives, such that these images remain useful. One "Best Practice Guideline" will specifically address QC.

C3S Data Rescue Service Tools Links

C3S Data Rescue Service Tools List
A pdf list of tools that will be developed or recommended by the C3S Data Rescue Service (WP3).