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C3S Data Rescue Capacity Building Workshops

C3S Data Rescue Service capacity building workshops are planned to ensure the greatest value and effectiveness of the supported high-priority data rescue work. They will promote the use of the Data Rescue Services developed by the C3S Data Rescue Service and facilitate the building of regional networks and knowledge sharing. These workshops will provide access to and training in the Data Rescue Services available at the time of each workshop. Essentially, the workshops will provide education and support for end-to-end data rescue including developing regional networks, good Service design, high quality digitization and appropriate archiving. User feedback will be obtained at each workshop forming a key part of ongoing development and improvement to the service to ensure that it is fit for purpose.

The running of the workshops themselves will be a development process with incremental improvements to delivery expected with each subsequent workshop. The optimum format for such workshops will be documented such that it can be made use of beyond the scope of the C3S Data Rescue Service.

These workshops will be funded by the C3S Data Rescue Service, with T&S covered for a selection of key partners, workshop local hosts and regional participants. Remote partcipation through the GoToMeeting software will also be possible. The selected regions for supported data rescue work will govern the location of each workshop. Importantly we will seek to join with other existing meetings by other relevant parties (e.g., WMO Expert Teams such as the ET-DARE7 and ETCCDI8) and access funding from other bodies (e.g., WMO, GCOS etc.) where possible to expand the length, scope and participation at these meetings.

We plan to run two 3 day workshops aligned with two of the supported high-priority data rescue projects. The workshops will bring together participants from each project and additional participants from the surrounding regions to encourage the development of regional support networks. Opportunities for local participants to discuss their work to date and future plans will promote this network development and enable sharing of experience and skills. The partners will present and educate in the use of the Data Rescue Services available at the time of each workshop. Where relevant we may also promote use of basic climate analysis tools, linking with existing programmes such as the ETCCDI and ET-SCI9. This is also an opportunity for C3S Data Rescue Service members to test developed services and improve regional understanding and contacts.

During the workshop several tools and websites will be demonstrated. There will be an optional practical session at the end of each day giving participants the opportunity to use and explore the tools with help on hand from the expert partners. Some tools will need to be downloaded and installed in advance of the workshop and some websites (e.g. the WMO I-DARE portal) may require registration in advance of the workshop. The tools, material and links to webpages can be found here:

C3S Data Rescue Service Workshop Links

C3S Data Rescue Service NZ Capacity Building Workshop and 10th ACRE Workshop Presentations
Presentations and material from the first C3S Data Rescue Service Capacity Building Workshop and and 10th ACRE Workshop held at NIWA, Auckland, New Zealand.
C3S Data Rescue Service Capacity Building Workshop Tools
A list of downloadable tools and material related to the workshops that should be downloaded/registered for in advance of the workshops.