ENSEMBLES Gender/Equal Opportunity Champions

One of the recommendations from the first annual ENSEMBLES gender action report, which was approved by the ENSEMBLES management board in May 2006, was to ask all partners to consider identifying a gender action/equal opportunities 'champion' for the institution. The idea is that the champions will help to promote the work of the ENSEMBLES Gender Action Committee (GAC) locally and will also provide ideas for future activities as well as feedback on ENSEMBLES gender action/equal opportunity activities. It is also hoped that the champions will be able to help with further development of the ENSEMBLES gender action web pages and the identification and sharing of examples of good institutional practice. And the GAC is always very happy to hear any ideas about how the role of the champions could evolve.

The intention is that the network of champions should be quite flexible in terms of roles and commitments, with individuals participating in activities as much or as little as they are able/willing (and we're happy for an institution to have more than one champion). If you would like to act as a champion for your institution, or would like more information before committing yourself, please contact Clare Goodess (c.goodess@uea.ac.uk). A list of champions, along with institutional affiliations and e-mail addresses, will be maintained here. So please tell Clare if you would prefer not to be listed on this web site.

Please note, that just as membership of the GAC is open to men and women, the ENSEMBLES equality champions can be male or female.

List of champions

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