Ensembles data archives

The ENSEMBLES data policy describes appropriate use of project data; please read before downloading any data.

Project-wide archives

There are three archives containing common data:

  1. GCM simulations for seasonal to decadal timescales at ECMWF
  2. GCM simulations for centennial timescales for historical hindcasts and future scenarios at MPIMET, http://ensembles.wdc-climate.de (complements the IPCC data archive at https://esg.llnl.gov:8443/index.jsp)
  3. RCM simulations for hindcasts and future scenarios

Individual partner archives

Additional data is available for some simulations on the following servers:

Other archives

Research Theme 4 is undertaking some coordinated experiments which are available at http://www.cgam.nerc.ac.uk/research/ensembles-rt4/coord_exp/index.html

WP5.1 gridded observational datasets

Web tools for processing data

KNMI have developed the Climate Explorer http://climexp.knmi.nl/ which allows anyone to correlate station data, climate indices, observations, reanalysis fields, past seasonal forecasts and climate change experiments.

University of Cantabria have developed a web application tool for statistical downscaling, available at http://www.meteo.unican.es/ensembles. Stream 1 s2d data for Europe is already used by this on-line facility, something not yet available in Climate Explorer.

OPeNDAP (Open-source Project for a Network Data Access Protocol)

netCDF (network Common Data Form)

netCDF (NCO) operators