All deliverables should be submitted in Microsoft Word to the co-ordinator via the relevant RT leader, with a deliverable cover sheet (Word) on the front of your deliverable by the end of the month shown in the Description of Work (DoW). For example, month 36 means by the end of August 2007.

The Commission do not provide detailed guidelines on the preparation or format of deliverables. Their guidelines are copied below. However, our current internal guidelines are:

The Commission's guidance notes on project reporting state the following:
A project deliverable represents a verifiable output of the project which is subject to review by the Commission. Normally each workpackage will produce one or more deliverables during its lifetime. The deliverables and the timing of their submission are specified in the DoW.

Deliverables are often written reports but can also take another form, for example the completion of a prototype, etc. In such cases the deliverable should nevertheless also be documented in a written record of the achievement of the deliverable, including any available supporting material (e.g. photos of the prototype, the report of the conference, etc).

Deliverables should be submitted on the due date as specified in the DoW, with a maximum contractually permitted delay of 45 days after the end of the reporting period. Any delay in the submission of a deliverable must be reported in the Interim activity report (if one is required) or the Periodic activity report in the section “Workpackage progress of the period”, where both the due date and the actual submission date (or the foreseen date, if the deliverable is not yet submitted) are reported.

The formal approval of deliverables by the Commission services forms part of the Periodic review process.