ENSEMBLES Third General Assembly, 20-24 November 2006: Programme Schedule

Participants will need to register and pay their registration fee in advance for the General Assembly. A registration form is available online and as a pdf document. 20 November is assigned for RTs and WPs to meet (perhaps in joint meetings with other RTs) to discuss progress, plans, science and any other issues. 21-23 November will be the plenary sessions including scientific talks, talks on cross-cutting issues, and summaries of progress and plans from each RT.

On arrival, participants will be able to obtain their name badge and other General Assembly information.

Meeting Documents

Monday 20 November – parallel RT and WP meetings
Venue: Geocentre, University of Lund
0900-1000 Registration
Parallel sessions
RT3 (c. 30pax), Agenda Atmosfären, Geocentre II (first floor)
WP6.2, Draft agenda Jorden, Geocentre I (ground floor)
Parallel sessions
WP2B.2 Pangaea, Geocentre II (ground/first floor)
WP6.3 Hydrosfären, Geocentre I (ground floor)
1230-1400 Lunch
Parallel sessions
RT2B (WP2B.2 and WP2B.3) (until 1600hrs) Pangaea, Geocentre II (ground/first floor)
RT3 (c. 30pax) (until 1600hrs) Atmosfären, Geocentre II (first floor)
RT5 (c. 15pax) Biosfären, Geocentre I (first floor)
WP6.2 (until 1630hrs) Jorden, Geocentre I (ground floor)
WP6.3 (until 1630hrs) Hydrosfären, Geocentre I (ground floor)
1430 WP6.1 (c. 10pax) Incus, Geocentre I (first floor)
1500 RT2A (c. 10pax) (until 1700hrs), Agenda Gotland, Geocentre I (ground floor)
1530 Coffee
1530 RT1 (c.15pax) (until 1730hrs) Capillatus, Geocentre I (ground floor)
1600 RT2B/RT3 joint meeting Pangaea, Geocentre II (ground/first floor)
1630 RT6 (all WPs) (c.30pax) Jorden, Geocentre I (ground floor)
c. 1730 Finish up
Tuesday 21 November – Plenary
Venue: Kårhuset, University of Lund
0830-0900 Registration
0900 Welcome from the organisers Lars Barring (ULUND), Chris Hewitt, Dave Griggs (METO-HC)
0920 RT1 progress and plans James Murphy, METO-HC
0940 RT2A progress and plans Jean-Francois Royer, CNRM
1000 Climateprediction.net: large ensemble climate forecasting Nick Faull, UOXFDC
1020 Discussion
1030 Coffee
1100 Ocean data: quality control and heat content estimates Bruce Ingleby, METO-HC
1120 Global hydrological response to the anthropogenic forcings: lessons from the IPCC AR4 simulations Herve Douville, CNRM
1140 Reliability of Climate-Change Projections of Precipitation Using Multi-Model Seasonal Predictions Tim Palmer, ECMWF
1200 Construction of climate change scenarios for the Netherlands using the PCMDI and PRUDENCE model runs Geert Lenderink, KNMI
1220 Discussion
1230-1400 Lunch (provided)
1400 RT3 progress and plans Markku Rummukainen, SMHI
1420 RT2B progress and plans Clare Goodess, UEA
1440 Three simulations of European climate 1961-2100 with one RCM, two GCMs and three emission scenarios Erik Kjellstrom, SMHI
1500 Project CECILIA - Central and Eastern Europe Climate Change Impact and Vulnerability Assessment Tomas Halenka, CUNI
1520 Discussion
1530 Coffee
1600 On our confidence in regional climate change projections around the World Jens Christensen, DMI
1620 Web Portal for Statistical Downscaling José Manuel Gutiérrez, UC
1640 Comparison between statistical and dynamical downscaling over southern Quebec, and extreme analysis (heat spell and wind speed) Philippe Gachon, OURANOS
1700 General discussion (including any issues from partners)
1800 Drinks reception and poster session (venue: Rhodinia, Geocentre II, ground/first floor). Posters will be up on display all week.
Wednesday 22 November – Plenary
Venue: Kårhuset, University of Lund
0830-0900 Registration
0900 RT4 progress and plans Jean-Louis Dufresne, CNRS
0920 Land-Sea warming contrast and RT4 coordinated experiments Buwen Dong, UREADMM
0940 RT5 progress and plans Albert Klein Tank, KNMI
1000 The observational dataset most RT's are waiting for: the WP5.1 daily high-resolution gridded dataset for Europe Lisette Klok, KNMI
1020 RT6 progress and plans Andy Morse, UNILIV
1040 General discussion
1050 Coffee
1120 Winter Wind Storm Risk and Reinsurance Paul Della-Marta, MeteoSwiss
1140 Climate change impacts on hydrology, hydropower production, physical processes and fish population in a regulated river in Norway. Atle Harby, SINTEF
1200 Land-atmosphere interactions and climate change in Europe Sonia Seneviratne, ETH
1220 Discussion
1230-1400 Lunch (provided) including RT2B/RT6 WP leaders' joint meeting
1400 RT8 progress and plans Christos Giannakopolous, NOA
1420 Training and Education in ACCENT - the European Network of Excellence in Atmospheric Composition Change Evi Schuepbach, UBERN
1430 RT7 progress and plans Roberto Roson, FEEM (tbc)
1450 Discussion
1500 Coffee
1530 Modelling the health effects of climate change Sari Kovats/Richard Tol
1550 Scenarios of adaptive capacity: An application to health Richard Tol, UNI-HH/ESRI
1610 Gender Action Plan / Issues Clare Goodess (UEA), Evi Schuepbach (UBERN)
1630 Framework Programme 7 Georgios Amanatidis, EC
1650 Overview from the Project Co-ordinator and Director (including progress with deliverables, GA07, …) Dave Griggs, Chris Hewitt, METO-HC
1720 General Discussion (including any issues from partners), any other business
c. 1745 End of plenary
c. 1745 RT4 meeting (20pax) (until 1900hrs)
1930 Conference dinner: Grand Hotel, Bantorget 1, Box 1136, SE-221 04 Lund (map, menu)
Thursday 23 November – Plenary (two parallel scientific workshops)
Exploitation of ENSEMBLES Phase I Prediction Systems
This will be a cross-cutting workshop with plenty of opportunity for input, interaction and brainstorming on possible studies that could be performed using the ENSEMBLES experimental prediction systems
0900-0930 Predictions on seasonal to decadal time scales (30 minute overview presentation by Michel Deque followed by discussion)
0930-1030 Discussion
1030-1100 Coffee
1100-1130 Predictions in centennial timescales (Mat Colllins)
1130-1230 Discussion
1230-1400 Lunch
1400-1430 From regional scales to impacts (Clare Goodess and Tim Carter)
1430-1530 Discussion
1530-1600 Coffee
1600-1700 Further discussion
0900 Methods for diagnosing extreme events in gridded data sets Dag Johan Steinskog, NERSC
0930 Changing variability and extremes in Switzerland in the 20th and 21st centuries Martin Beniston, UNIGE
1000 Some likely effects of changes in climate extremes on farming in the Mediterranean region Tom Holt, UEA
1030 Coffee
1100 Applicability of pattern scaling to regional climate extremes Elizabeth Kennett, METO-HC
1120 Estimation of future European wind storms Gregor Leckebusch, FUB
1140 Probabilistic Event Attribution of an extreme precipitation event: The UK Autumn 2000 floods Pardeep Pall, UOXFDC
1210 Changes in the European summer temperature PDF since 1880 and its implications for extreme temperature events Paul Della-Marta, MeteoSwiss
1230 End of session
Friday 24 November (morning)
ENSEMBLES Management Board meeting