Programme for General Assembly
Prague 12-16 November 2007

Accommodation | Registration

Directions to meeting rooms
Monday:VTS, Novotného lávka 5, Praha 1
Metro line A, station Staromestska next to nam. Jana Palacha, walk about 5-10 minutes following Krizovnicka street to Novotneho lavka. You can use tram No. 17 and 18 as well, one stop, Karlovy lazne. Or just walk through Stare mesto (Old town) or cross the Charles bridge, or by tram from the other side, depending where you are staying.
Tuesday-Thursday: MS, Malostranské nám. 25, Praha 1
Metro line A, station Malostranska, walk about 5-10 minutes following Valdstejnska and Tomasska streets to the Malostranske namesti (Malostranske square). Or by tram No. 12, 20, 22, 23, one stop, Malostranske namesti. The entrance to the big building is above the square, behind the car park.
See for metro stations and tram stops as well as restaurants and other places of interest

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Monday 12 November: Parallel Meetings
Venue: VTS (Address: Novotného lávka 5, 116 68 Praha 1)
0900-1000 Registration
Coffee at 1100
Parallel sessions | Room plan Room number
RT1 (to join with RT2A at 1200) VTS414
RT2B (<20 pax) VTS417
RT4 coordinated experiment meeting - <20 pax VTS318
WP6.2 - <20 pax VTS220
WP6.3 VTS213
RT8 (at 1200) VTS414
1230-1400 Lunch (not provided)
Parallel sessions
Coffee at 1530
RT3 <35 pax VTS318
WP6.1 VTS213
WP6.2 - RT2B to join in 1400-1500hrs to discuss joint deliverable VTS414
Session on "what papers do we want from the Stream 2 centennial runs?" (led by RT2A ideally with involvement from RT4 and RT5, and maybe RT7 and RT6) VTS319
RT2B/RT3/RT5 discussion on evaluation of RCMs and SDS (from 1500) VTS417
1830-2030 Gender Action Committee Mentoring Programme Meeting (interested parties: please complete the expression of interest by 5 November) VTS318
Tuesday 13 November: Plenary
Venue: MS (Address: Malostranské nám. 25, 118 00 Praha 1)
0830-0900 Registration
0900 Welcome from the organisers Tomas Halenka (CUNI), Chris Hewitt (METO-HC)
0920 Gender Action Plan/Mentoring Programme and overview of RT7 progress Sari Kovats (LSHTM)
0940 Development of GCM ensemble prediction system (RT1): progress and plans James Murphy (METO-HC)
1000 Development of RCM ensemble prediction system (RT3): progress and plans Markku Rummukainen (SMHI)
1020 Discussion
1030 Coffee
1100 Production of seasonal to decadal hindcasts and climate change projections (RT2A): progress and Plans Jean-Francois Royer (CNRM)
1120 Seasonal Forecasting at the Met Office Hadley Centre Alberto Arribas (METO-HC)
1140 Predicting European climate over the next decade Noel Keenlyside (IFM-GEOMAR)
1200 Land surface contribution to seasonal climate variability and predictability Herve Douville (CNRM)
1220 Discussion
1230-1400 Lunch (not provided), including working lunch on the ENES infrastructure project on earth system modeling
1400 The Weighting is the Hardest Part: Multi-model Seasonal Forecasting Lenny Smith (LSE)
1420 Production of regional climate projections for impacts assessments (RT2B): progress and plans Clare Goodess (UEA)
1440 Analysis of European weather regimes from an ensemble of several regional climate models experiments Emilia Sanchez Gomez (CNRM)
1500 Hands-on Demonstration of the Statistical Downscaling Portal for Regional Climate Change Projection José Manuel Gutiérrez (UC)
1530 Coffee
1600 Conditional stochastic model for generating local climate change scenarios for extreme precipitation indices Aristita Busuioc (NMA)
1620 Uncertainties in climate change scenarios over different areas in Canada Philippe Gachon (Climate Analysis Group, Environment Canada)
1640 Can we objectively assign weights to RCMs enabling probabilistic predictions of regional climate change? Jens Hesselbjerg Christensen (DMI)
1700-c.1715 General discussion (including any issues from partners)
1800 Drinks reception and poster session (to be confirmed). Note: we will probably be limited to 40 posters due to space.
Wednesday 14 November: Plenary
Venue: MS (Address: Malostranské nám. 25, 118 00 Praha 1)
0830-0900 Registration
0900 RT4 (Understanding processes): progress and plans Buwen Dong (UREADMM)
0920 RT5 (Evaluation): progress and plans Albert Klein Tank (KNMI)
0940 The role of the stratosphere in climate modelling: Sensitivity of the tropospheric climate to biases in the stratospheric circulation. Marco Giorgetta (MPIMET)
1000 Intense coastal rainfall in the Netherlands in response to high sea water temperatures: analysis of the event of August 2006 from the perspective of a changing climate Geert Lenderink (KNMI)
1020 Discussion
1030 Coffee
1100 A high-resolution daily gridded historical dataset for European temperature, rainfall and surface pressure Malcolm Haylock (UEA)
1120 Entering into the "greenhouse century": recent record temperatures in Switzerland are comparable to the upper temperature quantiles in a greenhouse climate Martin Beniston (UNIGE)
1140 Assessments of impacts and climate change (RT6): progress and plans Andy Morse (UNILIV)
1200 The Working Group Two contribution to the IPCC Fourth Assessment Report Paul van der Linden (METO-HC)
1220 Discussion
1230-1400 Lunch (not provided), including hands-on demonstration of the Statistical Downscaling Portal for Regional Climate Change Projection
1400 ENSEMBLE(s) Storminess and its impacts Gregor Leckebusch (FUB)
1420 The West African Monsoon Project: from intra-seasonal to climate change issues Paolo Ruti (ENEA) on behalf of the AMMA project
1440 Estimates of the effect of climate change on the emissions of carbon dioxide and sulphur aerosols Roberto Roson (FEEM)
1500 Introduction of the research project of multi-model ensembles and down-scaling methods for assessment of climate change around the Asian region, supported by the Ministry of Environment, Japan. Izuru Takayabu (Meteorological Research Institute)
1520 Discussion
1530 Coffee
1600 Dissemination, education and training (RT8): progress and plans Christos Giannakopoulos (NOA)
1620 Overview from the Director (including progress with deliverables, progress towards project's overall aims, GA08) Chris Hewitt (METO-HC)
1650 Framework Programme 7 Georgios Amanatidis (EC)
1710 General Discussion (including any issues from partners), any other business
c.1730 End of plenary
1930 Conference dinner (to be confirmed)
Thursday 15 November: Parallel meetings/scientific workshops
Venue: MS
Parallel sessions Leader
0900-1230 Model error workshop:
• Introduction (Pascale Braconnot)
• The Double ITCZ Problem (Bellucci, Gualdi, Braconnot)
• Convection, Clouds and Model Biases (Dufresne)
• Biases Affecting the Carbone Cycle (Cadule, Dufresne and Braconnot)
• Relationship between Model Bias and Seasonal Forecast (Dobles-Reyes)
Elisa Manzini/Pascale Braconnot/Silvio Gualdi
1030-1100 Coffee
1100-1230 Assessing and developing ENSEMBLES approaches to climate prediction from a season to a few decades ahead Tim Palmer/Francisco Doblas-Reyes and James Murphy
1230-1330 Lunch or working lunch to discuss coordination across EU projects (such as ENSEMBLES, AMMA, CIRCE, CECILIA, CLAVIER)
1330-1500 Parallel sessions Leader
Model error workshop (discussion) Elisa Manzini/Pascale Braconnot/Silvio Gualdi
Weighting, credibility, reliability (to build on discussions that have already taken place at the GA) Albert Klein Tank
1500-1530 Coffee and end of General Assembly
1530-1900 ENSEMBLES Management Board meeting (to be followed by dinner for EMB)
Friday 16 November: Morning
There are no formal arrangements for Friday. If small groups want to meet (e.g. WPs, mentoring, …) then please make your own arrangements.
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