ENSEMBLES Final Symposium – Showcasing the Project's Results
17-19 November 2009, Met Office, Exeter

Opening addresses

John Hirst Dan Norris Philippe Tulkens David Warrilow
John Hirst, CE, Met Office
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Dan Norris, Minister for Rural Affairs and Environment, Defra
Philippe Tulkens, DG Research, European Commission
David Warrilow, Head Climate Science and International Evidence, CESA, DECC

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Presentations and posters displayed during the meeting

Programme and presentations | Posters | Delegate list (xls)

John Hirst and Dan NorrisJohn Hirst (CE, Met Office) shakes hands with Dan Norris (Minister for Rural Affairs and Environment, Defra), who opened the Symposium on 17 November.

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Press Conference

On 16 November a press conference was held to inform the press and media about the results of the project. It was attended by the BBC, the Daily Telegraph, the Times and Nature amongst others.

Press Release | Briefing notes: E1 scenario | Impacts | Temperature and rainfall

Video of Paul van der Linden (ENSEMBLES Director) giving an overview of the project's results at the press conference

John Mitchell

John Mitchell (ENSEMBLES Coordinator) chairs a session