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Tuesday 17 November

Presenter Topic
Tim Palmer (ECMWF) Reducing uncertainty in model projections through the use of ensemble modelling
Martin Beniston (University of Geneva) Results from projections in climate and extreme weather events
Sari Kovats (LSHTM) Results from the project on climate change impacts on human health
Marco Bindi/Roberto Ferise (DISAT) Case study result from work on climate change impacts in agriculture
Jason Lowe (Met Office) Projections and analysis from E1 scenario, stabilising atmospheric concentration of equivalent carbon dioxide at 450ppm

Wednesday 18 November

Presenter Topic
Francisco Doblas-Reyes (ECMWF) OVERVIEW: Setting the scene for the first project aim: The Ensemble Prediction System (EPS)
James Murphy (Met Office) The Ensemble Prediction System in Global Climate Models
Jens Christensen (DMI) The Ensemble Prediction System in Regional Climate Models
Michel Déqué (CNRM) Temperature and precipitation probability density functions in ENSEMBLES projections
Tim Carter (SYKE) Using probabilistic information in climate impact application models
Jean-Louis Dufresne (CNRS) OVERVIEW: Setting the scene for the second project aim: Quantifying and reducing uncertainty in climate models
David Salas (CNRM) Project results on climate feedback processes and climate surprises
Richard Betts (Met Office) Representing the Carbon cycle in ENSEMBLES climate models, including results from the Stream 2 modelling
Buwen Dong (Reading University) Results from the project on climate change and variability
Noel Keenlyside (IfM-GEOMAR) Results from and overview of the research work done in the project on extreme weather and climate events
Albert Klein Tank (KNMI) The climate observation dataset – how it was configured and used to validate climate models to help reduce uncertainty in projections
Francesco Bosello (FEEM) Socio-economic feedbacks to the climate system and the uncertainties found in them. Construction of the E1 scenario using reverse engineering to reduce uncertainty

Thursday 19 November

Clare Goodess (UEA) OVERVIEW: Setting the scene for the third project aim: Maximising the results by linking the ensemble prediction system to a range of applications
Gregor Leckebusch (Free University of Berlin) Storm and wind – what can ENSEMBLES tell the insurance sector?
Christos Giannakopoulos (National Observatory of Athens) Forest fires and heat stress – projections of future impacts
Marta Nogaj (EDF) Projections of future climate change and their use in the energy sector
Phil Graham (SMHI) Using RCM Simulations from ENSEMBLES to assess Climate Change Impacts to Hydrology & Water Resources
Andy Morse (University of Liverpool) Using ENSEMBLES predictions and projections for disease risk mapping – in Europe and Africa.

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