ENSEMBLES Meetings 2007

Meeting archive

Date Meeting Location Documents
29 January-2 February RT8 Workshop on "Extreme Climate Events and Impacts" Riederalp, Switzerland  
26 February-2 March Workshop on impacts of climate fluctuations and trends in West Africa
Bamako, Mali
11-13 April CFMIP/ENSEMBLES Workshop on assessment of cloud and water vapour feedback processes in GCMs Pierre & Marie Curie University, Paris Draft programme
26-27 April Work package 6.2 Finnish Environment Institute, Helsinki Registration form
Helsinki information
17 May Sixth Ensembles Management Board (Management Board only) Department of Economics, University of Venice, Venice Accommodation/travel
4-8 June Joint ENSEMBLES/WCRP meeting on seasonal and interannual prediction Barcelona, Spain  
5-6 July RT2A annual meeting University of Copenhagen, Denmark  
12-16 November Fourth General Assembly (Details to be confirmed during Summer) Prague, Czech Republic Programme

Other Meetings

Date Topic Location
12-16 February 3rd WGNE Workshop on Systematic Errors in Climate and NWP Models San Francisco
15-20 April EGU General Assembly:
• Monthly, seasonal and decadal forecasting (co-listed in NP & AS) (Session CL2)
• Large-scale climate modes in the Northern Hemisphere (CL13)
• Extreme Climatic Events and Impacts (Climate Sciences Program, Session CL19)
• Climate change impact on industrial and economical activities (ERE5, co-listed in CL)
• Land-atmosphere coupling in past, present and future climate (co-listed in AS, BG and HS) (CL22)
Vienna, Austria
4-8 June 5th BALTEX study conference Estonia
11-13 June Sixth GO-ESSP Community Workshop Paris
2-13 July IUGG Conference:
Mid-latitude droughts in a changing climate (JMS015)
Perugia, Italy
23 July-3 August ADVANCE Summer School (Module I) Danube University Krems, Austria
27-31 August CLIVAR/WCRP Co-sponsored 2nd International Conference on Earth System Modelling Max Planck Institute, Hamburg
7-9 September ADVANCE Summer School (Module II) Danube University Krems, Austria
10-12 September Farming Systems Design 2007: Session 1.7 Adapting farms to an uncertain climate (Convenors: Bindi, Olesen, Porter) Catania, Sicily, Italy
1-5 October 7th EMS Annual Meeting/8th European Conference on Applications of Meteorology:
MS5 Gender Equality
San Lorenzo de El Escorial, Spain
26-30 November Second International AMMA Conference Karlsruhe, Germany