ENSEMBLES Participants


Partners formally accede to the ENSEMBLES Contract and the ENSEMBLES Consortium Agreement, and are abound by the terms and conditions contained within those documents (which includes providing reports when requested). Partners have access to everything within the project and must commit useful effort to the project. Their contribution to the project is documented in the Description of Work under the detailed implementation plan for the next 18 months.

Partner no. and name

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Affiliated Partners

We wish to make as much information as possible available to interested parties (whether affiliated or not), but by being affiliated it means that we know who you are and what your interests are so that we can send you appropriate communications and invite you to appropriate meetings. Some information within the project will, by necessity, only be available to formal project participants. Affiliated partners do not sign the Contract or Consortium Agreement. In return for being affiliated to the project we ask affiliates to keep us updated on relevant work and perhaps attend and contribute at some of the ENSEMBLES meetings. Requests for new participants need to be made to either the leader of the appropriate RT, or ensemblesfp6@metoffice.gov.uk if unsure of which RT to contact. The request should inform us of what your interests are, what involvement you could have in the project, and what use the project is to you.

Important: all new participants will need to fund themselves since our budget from the Commission has already been distributed amongst the original participants.

Institute Name Contact Name RT
University of Copenhagen Eigil Kaas 2A
University of Exeter David Stephenson
Marie Ekstrom
FAO Rene Gommes 5, 6
WHO Bettine Menne 5
University of Zurich Nadine Salzmann 6
ESSC John Christy 5
Department of Geography, National University of Ireland Kieran Hickey 5
NCAR Guy Brasseur, Jerry Meehl, Linda Mearns 2A, 2B
FRGCG Michio Kawamiya 1, 2A
CCSR (University of Tokyo) Masahide Kimoto RT4
National Institute of Earth Sciences Toru Nozawa and Seita Emori 2A
SINTEF Energy Research Atle Harby 6
OURANOS Daniel Caya, Diane Chaumont 2B
Canadian Regional Climate Modelling and Diagnostics Network (CRCMD) Colin Jones 3
Climate Analysis Group Philippe Gachon 2B
National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Alexander Palonski 6
University of Newcastle Hayley Fowler 2B
Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory Roger Proctor RT6
IBIMET Institute Massimiliano Pasqui RT1, RT2A
Institute of Atmospheric Physics (IAP) Wen Chen RT5
UCL Martin Kernan RT2B
Instituto Geofísico Infante D Luiz, University of Lisbon Pedro Soares RT2B, RT4
CMA, Andalucia José Manuel Moreira Madueño RT2B, RT6
CEH (WATCH) Richard Harding RT2B
NEA (Nordic CES project) Arne Snorrason RT2B, RT3
Katholiek Universiteit Leuven Matthias Demuzere RT4, RT5
Agrarian Technological Institute of Castilla y León (ITACyL) Angel Utset RT2B
HydroClimate.org, part of FREE (Kings College London/Lancaster University) Fredrik Wetterhall RT2B
Dept. Fisica General y de la Atmosfera Ciencias Fisicas, Universidad de Salamanca Concepcion Rodriguez-Puebla RT2B, RT6
International Commission for the Hydrology of the Rhine basin (CHR) Eric Sprokkereef RT5

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