ENSEMBLES Project Reporting


Project reporting guidance

Fifth year project reporting. Please see the Year 5 Guidance notes page for completion of fifth year reports.

Reporting to the Commission

Every twelve months, the consortium will submit to the Commission the following four reports for the previous 12-month period.

The figure below is taken from some guidance from the Commission and shows an example for a four-year project (note: ENSEMBLES is a five-year project). Click on the thumbnail to view diagram.

link to reporting schedule

1) An activity report for the previous twelve months, containing:
- a management-level overview of the activities carried out by the project during the period;
- a description of progress toward its scientific and technological objectives and associated innovation-related activities;
- a description of progress toward the milestones and deliverables foreseen;
- a description of training activities, if any;
- identification of problems encountered and corrective action taken.

2) A management report for the period, containing:
a) a management-level justification of the resources deployed by each participant, linking them to activities implemented and justifying their necessity;
b) a financial part, consisting of:
- a financial statement prepared by each participant, showing the total eligible costs incurred broken down by type of activity;
- an audit certificate per participant, furnished by an independent external auditor or, in the case of a public body or international organisation, by a competent public official, certifying the overall total of eligible costs incurred by that participant;
- a summary financial report prepared by the co-ordinator, consolidating the incurred costs of the consortium and the requested Community contribution, broken down by type of activity;
- a report on the allocation of the Community financial contribution to each participant made during that period.

3) An updated implementation plan, including a detailed description of the implementation plan for the eighteen months following the twelve-month period covered by the reports above, and a revision of the overall implementation plan if needed.

4) An associated financial plan, containing an estimate of the costs to be incurred by each participant during the coming eighteen-month period, broken down by type of activity.


The project will submit deliverables to the Commission, through the Co-ordinator using the Deliverables cover page (Word document). Please see milestones/deliverables for further information.

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