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Guidance notes for completion of ENSEMBLES first year reports



We are required to submit all of our annual reports (see project reporting page) to the Commission by mid-October through the Co-ordinator in RT0 (see Article II.7 in Annex II). With 10 Research Themes, 48 Work Packages, 66 partners and the summer holiday season approaching, this will need efficient co-ordination and prompt co-operation from all concerned. Several people have asked RT0 to produce templates to help everyone with the reporting. The templates are provided below, and this page is intended to help, and to provide details of who needs to do what. Please contact your Work Package and/or Research Theme leader with queries in the first instance. The Commission's reporting rules do vary from time to time, and so the information provided below is potentially subject to change. The current guidelines are available at

RT leaders' instructions

Each RT needs to complete their reports and e-mail them to RT0 (ensemblesfp6 at by 31 August 2005 so that their progress and plans can be presented at the General Assembly the following week. If discussions at the General Assembly lead to modifications then these changes can be discussed and finalised by the end of the Management Board meeting on 9 September 2005.

Given that progress will probably be slow in August, and to allow RT0 to assess the reports for consistency between RTs, please submit a first draft version of the completed reports to RT0 by 31 July 2005. Changes, updates, refinements, additions etc. can then be made by 31 August 2005. Please contact RT0 if it will be a problem producing a first version by 31 July 2005.


  1. Each RT needs to complete the Periodic Activity Report for months 1-12. Section 1 will be a summary for the whole RT. Section 2 will be best broken down by separate WPs (don't forget WPx.0!). As a guide, each WP could aim to produce 1-2 pages of text plus figures, but write as much as is needed. Appendix 1 is mainly for RT8 to complete, but if other RTs have material for some of the tables then please provide it to RT0 and/or RT8.
  2. Each RT needs to complete the bits in red in Section 1 of the Periodic Management Report for months 1-12 and the appropriate sheet for their RT in Appendix 2, table 4, Person-Month Status table (please complete the relevant RT worksheet but leave the Master sheet empty – RT0 will complete this at a later stage). This information can be requested from partners at the same time as the information for the Periodic Activity Report. The rest of this report will be co-ordinated by RT0 (see below).
  3. Each RT needs to complete a Detailed Implementation Plan for months 13-30. Section 8.6 should be done for each WP. I suggest 1-2 "new" milestones/deliverables per WP. Remember to check the Major Milestones on pages 99-104 of DoW vn1.6 for consistency and your existing milestones for months 13-18.
  4. Each RT needs to have a financial plan to accompany the Detailed Implementation Plan, containing an estimate of the costs to be incurred by each partner in their RT during months 13-30. Remember each RT and each partner have total budgets for the 5 years which cannot be exceeded without Management Board approval (see Contract Preparation Form A3.1 for partners' budgets).

As stated above, we need to co-ordinate interlinkages and interdependencies between RTs. To facilitate this, RT0 will create a table listing all the proposed month 13-30 deliverables and their due date. To do this please let RT0 know as soon as possible (and definitely by 31 July 2005) the dates of your proposed deliverables.

WP leaders' instructions

Please complete the above documents and send them to your RT leader (and not to RT0). Each RT will probably have slightly different deadlines, so liaise with your RT leader. The simplest way to complete the WP reports is to get each partner in your WP to complete the Periodic Activity Report for Partners.

Partner instructions

For all partners, including zero cost partners, in addition to the items that your WP and/or RT leaders will request, we also need some project-wide information (i.e. information for each partner's involvement for the project as a whole, and not just for each WP/RT) as detailed below, to be sent to the Co-ordinator. Please send items listed in bullets 1, 2 and 4 by e-mail to and signed copies of items in bullets 2 and 3 by post to Pip Gilbert, Met Office, FitzRoy Road, Exeter EX1 3PB, UK as soon as possible after 1 September and by 25 September 2005.

  1. A tabular overview of budgeted costs and actual costs, by contractor and by major cost item including personnel (see Appendix 2, Table 3 Budget vs Actual Costs of the Periodic Management Report). Please complete the entries for your organisation.
  2. Two completed original copies of Form C Financial statement per activity for the contractual reporting period (see the example of a partly completed form [NB: enable macros], and the help on completing Form C). NB Only print out "Participant 1"; and not the "Summary Report".
  3. For all partners requesting a financial contribution from the EC (i.e., all partners except zero cost partners), an audit certificate is required to accompany Form C. Working notes for contractors and certifying entities are now available from the Cordis website.
  4. An updated 18 month budget, for months 13-30 (to replace the A3.3 forms for months 1-18 in Section 9.4 of the DoW) using the Section 9.4 DIP spreadsheet.
  5. Each contractor needs to electronnically complete sections 1, 3 and 4 of the short "Appendix 14 - Interim reporting on the implementation of the gender action plan" and the very short "Appendix 16 - Socio-economic reporting questionnaire" and e-mail them to by 3 October 2005.


Quick check diagram for first year reporting
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Frequently Asked Questions

Periodic Activity Report

Q: Do we need to report on milestones and deliverables due in months 13-18 in section (d)?
A: No.

Q: What information should be supplied for "starting point of work at beginning of reporting period"?
A: Give an overview of the situation at the beginning of the project.

Periodic Management Report

Q: I have no other large costs or major deviations from cost budget. Should I send the Person-month status table to RT0 aswell as the Work Package Leaders?
A: No, this should only be sent to Work Package Leaders.

Q: Isn't the work description (bullet 1) already covered in the Periodic Activity Report?
A: Yes, there is some overlap. Make the Periodic Management Report section very brief and include more description in the Periodic Activity Report.

Q: Appendix 2, Table 3 of Periodic Management Report – Budget vs Actual Costs

  1. We don't have a definition from the EC's reporting guidelines of what a "major cost" is. Please use your best judgement. It is probably valid for many partners to not have any major cost items
  2. Column f "Budget" refers to the total eligible costs over the full duration of the project as specified in Contract Preparation Form A3.1 (available from the members'-only site)
  3. Columns a1-e1 refer to the 5 individual years of the project, a1 being year1
  4. The note in red "*) total budget figures - not EC funded" means all figures should refer to each partner's total eligible costs. For FC/FCF partners this will be at least double the requested EC contribution. For AC partners this will be at least equal to the requested EC contribution.

We hope the above is of help,
Chris Hewitt and Pip Gilbert.

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